When I first visited Saint Joseph’s College, I knew exactly right then and there that I wanted to go to this school.  I feel at home when I am here.  I cannot described the exact feeling I had, but in my heart and my gut I knew this was the place that I had to be.  The people that I am surrounded with, have made me come out of my comfort zone and I am very thankful for them.

When I visited, I came with my parents.  They reassured my gut feeling and when I told them that Saint Joe’s was the school I want to go to, they agree with me and they actually wanted me to come here because of the core program.  The core program will help me when I am working in the real world.  When I am working on my job in the near future, my communication skills and speaking in front of people will be much stronger than the people who did not have the core program in college. 

Saint Joseph’s College is my home away from home.  I do not think that I would be happy anywhere else.  I found my best friends here and I am meeting so many new people.  The main thing is that I feel very comfortable with everyone here and that is a big deal for me.    

In the end, I love Saint Joseph’s College and every thing else around the school.  Because I have always wanted to live in a small farming town and that is exactly what Renssealer is.  But one of my absolute favorite parts about Saint Joseph’s College is that many ghosts haunt it.  My mom and I are in love with things and places that are haunted and very old.  If we could live in a century old house we could and would. 

My roommate and I believe that our room is haunted.  We have seen and heard many things that have to deal with ghosts.  And that might sound weird, but we are for sure that it is haunted.