My dad has always told me that high school will go by very fast.  Of course, being the naive fourteen year old I was, I did not believe him.  I went through high school thinking that it was going to last forever.  But before I knew it, I was getting ready to graduate from high school.  I never knew that it was going to go by that fast.  I was very happy with myself and how I ended my high school career.  

Of course, when I went to college I was actually listening to what my dad had to say about college.  He told me that before I knew I was going to be coming home for Christmas.  It is very hard to believe that time does go by that fast.  I cannot believe that I only have three weeks of my first semester of college.  It feels like yesterday, I was just  moving into my dorm room.

This year has been very exciting between volleyball, new classes, new friends and new places.  My team and I traveled to Denver, Colorado at the end of August and was lucky enough to see mountains, while playing against some very good Colorado teams.  Even though, I did not play through the whole season, I feel lucky enough to actually be part of the Saint Joseph’s Volleyball team.    

I have one more month and I will be able to again since May 20th (the day I tore my ACL).  It feels good knowing that I can actually start playing again.  Volleyball has been a part of me since I was nine years old.  I do not know what I would do if I did not play volleyball.  As break get closer and closer, I just think how far I have come since my surgery and I am proud of myself for not giving up on myself and pushing through this first semester of college and pushing through rehab and becoming stronger for next season.